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It’s later than you think…

Lockdown is extending, but at some point it’ll be over and we’ll be back to the “new normal” that everyone is talking about. That includes realising that the new rules aren’t far away. So, as the song goes “Enjoy yourself (by reading up on IR35), it’s later than you think”, or something like that. If you have stuff to share let us know and we’ll give a shout out to the (IR35) world.

For new news IR35 related, read on. If there are others you think that would benefit send it on, or share the link –

It was the lovely Easter weekend when the last news was sent out and some of you rudely took time out to enjoy the sunshine and didn’t open the email. Here’s a link if you missed it 😉

A chance to fully prepare

As Jonny Dunning says in his article first published last month “Covid19 and a return to ‘business as usual’ aside, the deferral should not be seen as a chance for organisations to de-prioritise the IR35 reforms but an opportunity to be better prepared for next year.”

We’ve had the warm up, now let’s get ready properly for the real thing.

The battle of offloading costs

Excellent article by Alexander Wilson focusing on employers NIC and reverse chargebacks. Here’s a snippet;

“Reverse chargebacks imposed by recruitment agencies and umbrella companies on ‘inside IR35’ contract rates to fund employer’s National Insurance Contributions (NICs) are unlawful and could constitute a criminal offence under the Criminal Finances Act (CFA) 2017.

However, any contractor seeking to prove criminality on the part of the offending party may encounter practical difficulties, as it would need to be proven that a dishonest action was undertaken to achieve a clear beneficial outcome.”

It’s a good in-depth article and especially relevant if you think you’ve been impacted by this scenario. 

HMRC suspends investigations enquiries in Covid-19 chaos

It’s a great headline. “Chaos” though? What is this, the Daily Mail? But remember, as the article says “if tax is due – it is still going to be due when we come out of this”.

HMRC are rightly prioritising their work, as part of that they are writing to taxpayers under enquiry to say that during the current lockdown it will not be requesting information or documents and pressing for responses to requests already made.

This article shares more info on the suspension of investigations.

and finally…

Colnort launches new service model to cope with new IR35 regulations

Have you seen it yet? It’s been widely shared across various news sources over the last week or so. 

Colnort’s “outside IR35-friendly” solution allows both companies and contractors operating their own limited companies (PSCs) to work within a fully compliant service framework verified by the UK’s leading IR35 expert lawyers. Colnort becomes the service provider, taking on the IR35 burden and absorbing all liability.

Take a look. New things are good, especially when they’re supporting this valuable workforce. Well done team Colnort, we wish you all the best.