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Time to get out of your PJ’s … Four reasons why companies will use more IT contractors in 2020

This is the kind of headline we need. And it comes from an article in TechCentral by Jimmy Sheehan that goes in to why a project-based economy benefits from staff and contract workers.

“Prof Andrew Burke, Chair of the Centre for Research on Self-Employment and Dean of Trinity Business School, has published papers setting out evidence of increased performance of enterprises where at least 11% of their total workforce is made up of contingent/freelance talent. With such evidence available it is no wonder the contingent element of the workforce ecosystem continues to grow in popularity.”

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Contractors could face ‘triple tax raid’ in Autumn Budget

..and then back to earth with a bump. 

From Contractor Weekly.. “The Treasury is currently putting together Autumn Budget plans for a ‘£30 billion tax raid’ that is aimed at the wealthy and businesses as well as pensions and foreign aid, a Sunday Times article suggests.”


Hear Emma Agyemang, tax correspondent at the Financial Times discuss the impact of IR35 in this podcast with REC. She reflects on the key learnings from the rollout of these changes in the public sector.

Emma was also named the ‘Business Journalist of the Year’ in 2019 by the Words By Women Awards particularly for her reporting on the loan charge, so you’ll hear Emma’s views and observations on this report and loan charge too. Tune in to the full discussion to hear about:

• The impact of the upcoming IR35 changes on hirers and contractors
• Key learnings from the rollout of IR35 in the public sector
• Observations from the Coronavirus government schemes
• An overview into the Words By Women Awards and the significance of Diversity and Inclusion in the industry

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To use CEST or not to use CEST?… That was the question

Not too many votes on this poll, maybe it wasn’t controversial enough? I’ll think of a better one for next weeks news 🙂 Not too many votes on this poll, maybe it wasn’t controversial enough? I’ll think of a better one for next weeks news 🙂 

EST Update: HMRC have released a report on the communications for the off payroll reforms

Thank you Rebecca Seeley Harris for sharing that the research report has been released into how HMRC have communicated the new regulations. Interestingly, it was noted that people still keep calling it ‘IR35’ when in fact it is called ‘off payroll’.

Best make some changes to the newsletter!

Time to Embrace IR35

Interesting article from Chris Jones of Colnort and Francis North Group.

“…maybe embracing a deliverable and outcome based approach to engaging contractors could be the catalyst for change in the way permanent employees are performance managed in the future? “

Loan Charge Legal

Loan Charge Legal is run by Loan Charge victims and they need the support of all affected by the retrospective Loan Charge.

They have been inundated with support but still have a way to go. 

If you are interested in joining their legal challenge, please check out their website