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The problem with algorithms: Why you shouldn’t leave IR35 to a computer

Ooooh controversial.

An article from Brookson Legal here focusing on automated tools used to determine an IR35 status.

“Working out whether someone sits inside or outside IR35 with regards to the legislation and decades of legal precedent involves a lot of different factors, some of which are overlooked by these tools and some that are too complex for simple yes/no answers.”

Obviously they provide a human rather than algorithmic service, but given the recent A-level debacle, it’s definitely worth considering the risks with all of the different types of solutions available. 

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To use CEST or not to use CEST?… That is the question

Only 2 days left, so it would be great to have some more votes on this before it closes….

Thanking you in advance 🙂

Results shred next week (if there’s enough responses)

15 top tips to turbo-charge your contractor business out of covid fatigue

Personal branding and winning-work expert Matt Craven, founder of The CV & Interview Advisors gives his advice for developing a robust marketing strategy.

Being a fan of recommendations, I particularly like no. 8

“Request recommendations from existing / previous clients — you are 3-times more likely to be contacted about a contract role if you have solid social proof on your LinkedIn profile.”

Check out the article for the rest!

An IR35 TV show?

Post from

“We’re done with webinars and recorded zoom chats. How about a shorter format live TV chat show instead? There are tons of interesting people with personalities working on IR35, so why not get them in for a (short) chat? We’re pretty sure we can make it entertaining and useful.

Right now this is 100% vapourware. I’ve had a glass of wine and opened photoshop. But it’s something that’s been on our minds for a while.

Consider this post concept testing: what do you think? If you think it could be worth a watch, give us a like or a comment. If it looks like it’s got legs we’ll at least do an MVP / pilot show.”

Like this post if you’re game

Umbrella Companies & “Loans”- avoid them like the plague

This is the message from Jeremy Johnson in this post on Linkedin.

“If 80% of your earnings are being provided by way of a ‘commercial loan’ each month, are you putting that aside to repay the loan to your employer in 10 years time? I wouldn’t want my salary to be repayable.”

Check out the post and subsequent comments, as well as the useful link to Spotlight 45.

Contractors, IR35 and the EAS will bring KIDs into their own

An excellent article from Carolyn Walsh in Contractor Uk 

“Getting KIDs in place will help quash the biggest bugbear for workers paid via an umbrella company —  believing (because they were probably told so) that the umbrella pay rate is their ‘true’ pay rate, only then to mistakenly think that the umbrella has deducted its costs from what they perceive to be their fee!”


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