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Wooohooo, it’s a new tax year!  

OK, maybe we’re struggling to find things to celebrate. If you have something to celebrate, share or get off your chest, let us know and we’ll give a shout out to the (IR35) world.

For new news IR35 related, read on and remember that if you see something interesting (or have written something), do send it through so it can be shared with the community. If there are others you think that would benefit send it on, or share the link –

Family  photo whilst in lockdown. Yes it’s a big family and we all love tax stuff.

New Tax Year? So What?

So yes, it’s a new tax year. For those impacted by IR35 here’s a great post by AR Tax Accountants who have answered some critical questions and cleared a few things up. 

It covers what salary and dividend is best to pay yourself from a tax efficiency perspective, contract reviews, home as an office rate, furlough as a director, reporting changes for public sector supply chains and the deferral (not cancellation!) of IR35 new rules to 2021.

Check it out!

A chat about EVERYTHING

We have an admission to make. We completely missed this fab podcast by the ‘Honest Recruiter’ Josh Hutchison, featuring Dave Chaplin, Alexander Wilson and Seb Maley.

It’s a great Easter weekend listen… so crack open your easter egg, pour yourself a cuppa and get comfy.

Here are some of the highlights to whet your appetite…

Is the scaremongering? What can be done about the CEST tool? Will blanket bans be reversed? Equal right and equal tax. How agencies need to hire in the right way. Predictions for April 2021…. and what can be done between now and April 2021 to ensure the reform doesn’t go ahead?

I know right? Check it out…

Are you committing a corporate criminal offence?

Are hiring organisations and recruitment agencies at risk of breaching the Corporate Criminal Offence legislation, (which is in place to stop businesses facilitating tax evasion), if contractors deemed inside IR35 choose to say they are now outside?

Qdos ask this interesting question in an article on their site this week. Whether you’re a hiring organisation, an agency or a contractor, it’s an important risk to understand. 

Why are agencies in the middle of the supply chain?

Should they be there? Why? Does it just create a messy and often inconsistent contractual arrangement?

A second appearance this week by IR35 Barrister and CTA Alexander Wilson as he asks the question “Are there historical or practical reasons for agencies being part of the contractual chain between consultant and client?” in this LinkedIn post

Have an opinion? Then share it in the post!

…and finally

Want that feel good feeling without the hug? AnyGood? are offering to find contractors for free where the role is supporting COVID-19 projects. If you know of any organisations who might need this service share their post.


If you see something interesting (or have written something), do send it through via the website so it can be shared with the community. If there are other people who you think would like this email just send it on, or share the link –