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IR35 delay leads to blanket ban U-turn: more employers hoping to ‘get it right this time’

According to a recent survey of recruitment businesses carried out by Kingsbridge Contractor Insurance, the delay to the private sector IR35 roll-out has encouraged more employers to ‘get it right this time around’, with staffing companies reporting that over a third of hirers (35%) were making a U-turn on non-PSC decisions.

Thomas Wynne Managing Director, Kingsbridge Group, commented:

“It’s hugely encouraging to see so many employers reversing the blanket bans that were originally imposed, and we hope that more follow suit as organisations begin working with staffing companies to prepare and truly get it right this time around. With contingent labour likely to play an even bigger role in the UK economy over the coming few years as companies seek flexible resources in an uncertain market, it is more critical than ever that robust processes are in place that allow talent to be engaged in a compliant way and put in place relevant insurance cover to mitigate these new risks.”

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Demand for IT contractors pulled nearer to growth in August

Excellent article from Simon Moore consolidating information on the latest trends in Contractor UK. To tempt you to take a look, here are the main headings 🙂

Temp hiring much stronger
We can get candidates cheap at the moment
Many challenges ahead
Hang in there, it’ll come
Retrain and upskill

With quotes from many leading experts, it’s worth a look. 

And the winner for the most amount of IR35 seminars goes to…. REC

REC are bringing you a new schedule of interactive virtual seminars. Each will cover:

• What clients the rules apply to.
• Status Determination Statements (SDS) – what they are and what’s reasonable care
• Who is the fee-payer and what their responsibilities are?
• Disagreeing with the client’s decision and how to manage this
• Knowing your liabilities
• Commercial and practical considerations for agencies
• Key client-focused activities
• System and process changes
• Changes to contracts and T&C’s
• Supporting clients with IR35 assessments

These virtual seminars will give you a practical understanding of what you need to do now ahead of the change next year.

Although there is a cost associated. Based on the topics and people involved, I suspect they will be good value. 

Off-Payroll: What happens if the client does nothing?

An interesting post here from Dave Chaplin with many Q&A in the comments.

The post and comments touch on everyone in the supply chain, so worth a read. 

It’s almost here… it’s Autumn budget time!

This time though, contractors look less of target, say IR35 experts. Hurrah!

“Experts on IR35 are less certain that PSCs will be in the chancellor’s crosshairs at Autumn Budget 2020, partly as they already stand to be hit by the off-payroll reforms in April 2021.”

If you’d like the word on the street for what’s coming, check out the article by Simon Moore.

EST Update: A win for the creative industries as HMRC updates its guidance on the employment status of actors and creatives.

Interesting post by Rebecca Seeley Harris – and subsequent comments are useful for further clarifications..

“It states that most actors and other performers are self-employed. The work is an itinerant pattern of work where the performer has a high degree of control over the work performed.  

Interestingly, substitution is stated as non-determinative because of the individual attributes and suitability for roles. Perhaps this should be extended to the individuality of knowledge?”

Rebecca is absolutely worth following for insights such as this.