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Let’s take a moment

A good friend of mine used to say to me “let the world spin once” when something happened that I didn’t immediately know how to deal with. It might take a few turns on this one, but following the outcome of the vote in parliament to not delay IR35 beyond April 2021, I think it’s worth taking a moment to reflect and return with a considered strategy.

To help with that, perhaps take a look at some of the articles from the week. It was a challenge finding these amongst the volume of well (?) timed adverts for tools, products and insurance!

The best run through of the main event I found to be an article from Simon Moore for Contractor UK, who provided a detailed run through of the outcome and the discussions surrounding the amendments. This also covers the incredibly disappointing outcome for those impacted by the Loan Charge.

Before you read on …

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Might only working from home mean your contract belongs outside IR35?

So, does working from home – and with it using all of your personal equipment, including your own premises – impact your IR35 status?

This was a question asked in Contractor Weekly with a response from Qdos Contractor.

The bomb dropped, now for the fallout…

An in depth article here from Andy Stokes who, like many of us watched the proceedings on Wednesday night. 

He not only goes through the outcome, but also the sentiments of perhaps many who have lost faith in political proceedings as a result

Drum roll please…

Last week we shared a poll on Linkedin to investigate what type of role contractors are least attracted to. The results are in and it’s a definitely win (lose) for Inside IR35. 

This type of data allows us to all have real conversations with employers about their strategies for hiring moving forwards. It was great to see so many vote!

We have another poll running this week about IR35 insurance and the “prospect of success” clause. Check it out at the end of the newsletter or go straight to the poll

The smallest of chances

Will the Lords play a trump (not that one) card in the final hour?

Dave Chaplin shared a post wondering whether there’s a tiny glimmer of hope. Everything crossed for that one… but it is a long shot.


8th July 11:00am

Techfynder and Contracting Plus presents ” Tech Contracting as a Career with Valuable Tax Saving tips for IT Contractors. “ With…

Jimmy Sheehan, Commercial Director at Contracting Plus. Jimmy will speak about all things on tax in the domain of contracting and will inform contractors with tax tips and financial advice.

Paul Guy, Global Head of Marketing, Techfynder, who has a deep understanding of a tech contracting industry will take a lead in the discussion and give you a brief overview of the Global IT Contracting Marketplace.

Like Eurovision but much more exciting – it’s poll time…

Prospect of Success Clause

Almost all of you can join in on this one as it’s for everyone in the supply chain.

Did you know about a clause that’s often included in IR35 insurance cover called the “prospect of success” clause?

If you did … or if you didn’t, I’d love for you to vote so we can understand people’s awareness of this important clause. 

We will share the the results in next weeks newsletter. Answer it here to get involved.

Public Sector Contractors

Jamie Clarke from Regal Cloud has asked how Public Sector Contractors have been engaged since April 2017 – there’s a poll here to take part in and review the results.

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