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IT contractor demand ‘set to spike thanks to the new normal hinging on technology’

Interesting article from Contractor UK focusing on the trends as lockdown begins to lift … “it will boost IT contractor demand “further,” partly as technology is embedded into so much of the ‘new normal,’ a professional agency staffing boss predicts.”

Ann Swain, CEO of the Association of Professional Staffing Companies. said it was not foreseeing the gains being made from the low IT contractor demand of April-May, but from IT’s resilience in March.

Stay on the path. Stick with the plan. Stay on script.

Dave Chaplin from Stop the Off Payroll Tax has shared that “ we head through the final stages of the Finance Bill, it’s important, for the campaign, that you stay on the strategy path we have been planning. We are nearing the end of a three year slog, so no point messing things up now.”

To see their briefings you can sign up for free. Here’s the link.

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We are here…

Following our focus last week on the progress of the STOPIR35 campaignhere’s their latest newsletter showing their continued progress. It shares how Wes Streeting, Labour MP is a breath of fresh air as he blows away the cob webs of traditional democracy and shines a light on the shame on Minsters who have been too frightened and cowardly to allow Finance Bills to be subject to amendments in the way they were traditionally.

Here are their key points and requests;

  • Arrow above marks the Report Stage starting 26th June 2020
  • 148 MPs are on the Anti-IR35 Support List – confirm your MP’s stance
  • Write and ask your MP to table an amendment to suspend public sector and halt private sector IR35 reforms
  • See how your MP can submit an amendment
  • Ask Rishi Sunak direct questions about IR35 Reforms

Head over to the newsletter for much more information and for all of the links you need to support the campaign. 

Would you consider a part week contract if it was offered to you by a client?

This was the question shared by Jamie Spencer on LinkedIn last week and the results are in. Check out this short commentary. It’s great to see some action from those in the recruitment industry on this topic and the subsequent comments. 

Fire and re-hire

Gary Pritchard asked in a post this morning “Are BA going to be the first big company to take wholesale ‘advantage’ of the no-rights employment offered by the off-payroll reforms in a fire and re-hire purge?”

This was as a result of a BBC post with the headline “British Airways’ treatment of staff during the coronavirus crisis “is a national disgrace”, MPs have claimed.”

The post has attracted some great comments – worth checking it out and adding your thoughts

…and finally,

Brookson Legal shared that last year 50% of workers would ask for a pay increase and benefits if assessed as being ‘inside’IR35. This was part of their survey looking into contractors views and concerns with the legislation changes. Has anything changed since then?


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