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IR35 / Off-Payroll – like driving you say? … ok, tell me more

We love the way Alexander Wilson explained how Chapter 10 does not do what HMRC thinks it does.

As he says…

“It requires the client to determine deemed-employment status, right?


It asks the client to express a view.

Imagine you were driving and had two passengers….”

Check out the post for the full story. 

Before you read on …

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And so it continues….

This week it was widely reported that the Public Bill Committee voted to put the off-payroll reforms into the Finance Bill. These extend the reform of the off-payroll working rules to medium and large businesses in all sectors outside the public sector from April 2021. Next it’s the Report Stage where the Public Bill Committee will scrutinise the Bill line by line and is scheduled to report by Thursday 25 June 2020

In this postKirti Shukla from StopIR35 Campaign share this news in more detail and as is often the case, it’s worth a read for the comments as well as the content.

Contractor Market Rebound? 

Kingsbridges‘ MD Thomas Wynne & Legal Manager, Nicola Hayman give the latest lowdown on IR35 with help from experts in the field. In this episode they are joined by APSCo’s Ann Swain & Tania Bowers.

Tune in to find out what they think the future holds for the contract market


OK, gigs may have been cancelled for the year… boooooo 🙁

But fear not, IR35 experts are here to entertain… yay! 🙂

Here’s what we’ve heard about so far…

25th June

A Virtual Conference for the Contracting Community Almost a whole wonderful day of it from WTT Consulting.

From Wealth Management to IR35 reform, PSC liquidations, blanket bans, IR35 case summaries and life insurance. There are five awesome slots to choose from. Currently speakers are listed as Rhys Thomas and Tom Wallaceof WTT, Mark IslinKeith GordonDominic Guise and Wes McCranor.

1st July

3 Ways Businesses Prepared for 2020 IR35 Reform … And Which to Follow, by Qdos Contractor

A free 1 hour IR35 webinar where they will be analysing the approaches taken by companies in the lead up to reform, which worked and which didn’t. This webinar is suitable for hiring organisations and recruitment agencies. Speakers are Seb Maley (CEO) and Nicole Slowey (Operations Director).

Coronavirus IR35 Ripple Effect

In this article the STOPIR35 Campaign explore the ongoing Coronavirus Epidemic coupled with the IR35 Reforms that are enabling large organisations to not only move flexible workers to Off-Payroll but the Off-Payroll net is catching permanent workers as well now.

They say that this is only the beginning as big companies take advantage of the Coronavirus damage on the economy and adopt firing then rehiring model as seen with British Airways.

Also check out the post where the article is shared by Kirti Shukla where it also shares how to get in to action, further insights are in the comments. 

Video Podcast – Kickabout and other IR35 Matters with Dave Chaplin and Keith Gordon

What’s better than reading an article and the subsequent conversations? Watching the conversation of course.

Here Dave Chaplin and Keith Gordon chatted about the upcoming Kickabout case at Upper Tribunal along with some of the areas of nunaced case law for presenter cases.

This is Part 1: 40 minutes chatting about IR35. They are watching the kickabout case this week, and will release Part 2 afterwards, so watch this space.

and finally….

Did you choose contracting to avoid office politics?

Integro Accounting have shared more information from their surveys and in March 2020, over 67% of the 700+ contractors surveyed actively chose to remove themselves from the permanent workforce and work independently to avoid office politics. With “greater respect from the end client” and being “seen and treated differently to permanent staff when consulting” a common theme among the replies.

Check it out to read more.


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