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Delayed to 2023-24?

Proposal for Off-Payroll delay until 2023, tabled for Finance Bill Tuesday 19th May 2020.

All eyes this week on the short line in the House of Commons Agenda for Tuesday, tabled by Conservative MP, David Davis.

“Line 3, at end, add ‘, provided that no amendment having the effect of increasing a charge upon the people may take effect earlier than tax year 2023–24.’.”

This will be voted on my MPs and would certainly be a relief for many contractors and organisations fearing a joint COVID-19 and IR35 impact in April next year.

Before you write to your MP …

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Now write to your MP…

Following the announcement of the agenda item, Contractor Calculator picked up on the news to provide greater context. Within this, Dave Chaplin reported that… 

“The tabling of this amendment is thanks in large part to more than 3,000 campaigners who have worked tirelessly to support the Stop the Off-Payroll Tax campaign. Each of them should give themselves a pat on the back for helping us get this far.

“A key component of our campaign has been to encourage individuals to speak directly with their local MP about the Off-Payroll Tax and the damage it has caused. As a result of this, we’re expecting a significant amount of support for the amendment. However, ultimately, whether enough MPs are willing to lend their backing to the UK’s self-employed remains to be seen.”

If you’d like to be involved, Contractors can help push for the delay by joining the campaign and contacting their MP.

Contractor sector largely unmoved by furlough job retention scheme extension

Contractor UK picks up on the extension of the furlough scheme, but lack of support for contractors in this in depth article written by Simon Moore.”A surprise extension yesterday of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme fails to take into account limited company contractors, and may even cost them money from August.But chancellor Rishi Sunak’s extension of the scheme until October 2020 does take into account just how long the government clearly believes the effects of covid-19 will last.”

Also shared by Rebecca Seeley Harris on LinkedIn with subsequent discussion

Bored of less than insightful webinars?

Avoid the less than insightful webinars and (lack of) thought leaders… instead seek out interesting questions and debates. HereAlexander Wilson is asking the question;

“Are umbrella employees truly employed by the umbrella company?”

Check it out and get involve

…and finally,

Did you know that if the Bounce Back loan is used incorrectly, you could be facing a 32.5% tax bill?

Gregory Timson shared a link to an excellent article on Linkedin;

“This isn’t unique to Bounce Back Loans, it’s the same for any loan. The problem and potential tax bill arises from what you do with the money, not how you got it. If, after taking out a loan, you then draw cash personally from your company via a dividend which it can’t afford, you could be facing a 32.5% tax charge.”

So stay alert and stay safe…


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