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Place your bets please…!

So, what do you think? Is it going to be delayed? Changed? Scrapped? There’s really only one story this week, but depending on where you’re standing, the views are very different.

To help widen your perspective, we’ve included a selection of the best articles and discussions we’ve come across over the week.

But first, here’s the report itself. Why not have a read, skim, or just a quick flick through..

“It is right that everyone should pay their fair share of tax. But the evidence that we heard over the course of our inquiry suggests that the IR35 rules— the government’s framework to tackle tax avoidance by those in ‘disguised employment’—have never worked satisfactorily, throughout the whole of their 20-year history. We therefore conclude that this framework is flawed.”
House of Lords Report

Before we get started…

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IR35: Off-payroll saga not over yet

As David Kirk states in, the report is a tremendous piece of work.  

“It lays bare the terrible mess already caused by the measure even before it has been adopted, the unintended (but forewarned) consequences that extend well outside the arcane world of tax that HMRC inhabit, and the gross unfairness of it all.  Virtually nothing has been missed out.”

The article highlights just how damaging the report is and there’s a good selection of comments where people have shared their thoughts. 

It’s time to scrap IR35 and work for a fair, equitable and simple tax system

IPSE next, and their article is consistent with the evidence shared by it’s author Andy Chamberlain.

“The government is still intent on including the IR35 provisions in this Finance Bill, which would lock in these disastrous rules for April 2021. The Sub Finance Bill Committee, chaired by Lord Forsyth, has raised valid and deeply concerning questions about the wisdom of this move and the government should urgently pause and take stock.”

The article shares how there are two additional factors to consider;

1. We now know for certain how hiring organisations will react to the reforms, and
2. The changes to the rules were designed well before this terrible virus

Definitely worth a read….

IR35 will be introduced in the private sector on 6 April 2021

Over to our favourite professional network now and posts with discussions that took place as the report was published.

Here, Rebecca Seeley Harris shares the news “The House of Lords Finance Bill Sub-Committee have published their report on IR35 “Off payroll working: treating people fairly” (link below). It actually concludes that IR35 does not treat people fairly”. This is followed by a good selection of comments worth checking out. 

Then a further post by Rebecca shares the view that, based on the Governments response, “IR35 will be introduced in the private sector on 6 April 2021”.

Government committed to rolling out reforms in 2021, but is there a glimmer of hope?

Recruiter Magazine has confirmed that the government has affirmed it is “fully committed” to implementing the extension of IR35 off-payroll working reforms to the private sector in April 2021.

They do highlight a potential glimmer of hope though – that “…the government will use the additional time to commission further external research into the long-term effects of the reforms in the public sector, “with the intention that that research will be available before the reforms come into effect in the private sector in 2021”.

27th April – A good day for both SEA StopIR35 campaign and IHPA

SEA StopIR35 Campaign share how their evidence was included in the report;”A large amount of the written evidence that we received came from individual contractors and their representatives, including the StopIR35 campaign group (which held a demonstration against the changes outside Parliament in February 2020)”

Take a look at the campaign and if you like what you see, get involved.

and finally… ‘Marbella man’ advisor leaves struggling Welsh health board

Seen this? Not a great advert for contractors and carries all of the usual undercurrents about being over paid … and under delivering.

Thanks for sharing via LinkedInCraig Jeffries. Likely to get a few more comments if you fancy wading in. 

Interesting timing for the article?


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