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“We now urge the Government to postpone the eventual implementation of the new rules until it resolves the difficulties that we have identified.”

Letter from Lord Forsyth, Chair, Finance Bill Sub-Committee to Rt Hon Jesse Norman MP, Financial Secretary to the Treasury

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Dear HM Treasury, 
Has this really been thought through? 
Sincerely, House of Lords

Or something like that. 

The letter contains well considered observations and questions following the review and it’s worth a read. We’re linking here to the actual letter rather than articles that have surmised what the letter means.

So you can make your own mind up.

Pilot case study

There’s nothing like a good case study that brings IR35 to life and given the apparent ambiguity of the rules, it’s often what we rely on for some level of clarity. 

Here, Andy Vessey from Larson Howie tries to clear up some of the confusion, and to provide a better understanding of what could potentially swing the balance between landing inside or outside of IR35. This is a play by play account of two different enquiries he closed down on behalf of two self-employed commercial pilots.

Can ‘inside IR35’ contractors claim full employment rights at tribunal?

Are contractors viewing a retrospective employment rights claim as a means of securing some form of compensation for their ‘employed for tax purposes’ status?

What are the risks associated with making an employment rights claim?

….and many other questions are answered in this article by Contractor Calculator.

Who has the control in your relationship?

IR35 alert over Lloyds-style offers for “non-essential” contractors to accept less work. Seriously, sometimes employers don’t make it easy for contractors do they?

By forcing contractors to move from non essential to essential projects, they are playing a dangerous game with our favourite control and mutuality clauses. 

Rebecca Seeley Harris looks into this in an article on Contractor UK


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