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#StopIR35 campaign achieves significant traction

This week we’d like to recognise the hard work being done by the StopIR35 Campaign and those they have rallied into action. If somehow you’ve not seen what’s been going on, here’s the latest…

Impact Statement submitted to the Finance Bill Committee Scrutiny Unit.

They have 108 MPs on the support list.

Protesters are continuing to reach out to MPs and contractors are completing impact statements.

Focus is on those MPs that are not on board yet.

They aim to get as many MPs pushing from the inside so that the research Jesse Norman will commission is ‘fully Independent’

As it says on their site, the Self Employed Alliance (SEA)  StopIR35 Campaign was set up by contractors for contractors fighting against the unfairness of the new IR35 legislation, Off-Payroll. 

A lot of thought, time and pure hard grafting is put into the fight for zero reward other than protecting the rights of fellow contractors from introduction of this flawed legislation.

If you’re against the new rules but haven’t done anything yet, read this page today for the latest parliamentary submission status and how to get involved.

Thank you Kirti Shukla for sharing with us.

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Saturday 6th June 12:00 – BBC Radio 4 – NHS re-joiners targeted by promoters of tax avoidance schemes

More unscrupulous umbrella companies promoting schemes to avoid tax… but this time they are targeting key workers.

Listen at 12:00 or again afterwards if you missed it. 

BBC article also here if you prefer.

Allow taxpayers to elect to be either employed or self-employed says AAT

PQ Magazine (not to be confused with GQ) getting in on the act in an article stating that “..this would create improved tax certainty for employees and employers, while simultaneously addressing the issue of employment status and rights.”

AAT said, in a call for response to a claims and elections review that it would help HMRC identify fraud more easily if both the employer/engager and the individual taxpayer was required to report.

…and finally,

“Life as a Contractor 2019 vs 2020” survey results have been published by Integro Accounting. Results were collated prior to the Covid-19 outbreak and several weeks prior to the 2020 private sector roll out being postponed to April 2021.

Here are some highlights…

  • Over 3/4 of clients were still willing to contract through their limited company, or wait, in order to secure the best contract for their talent. 
  • 6% increase in public sector contractors – a rise from 24% in 2019.
  • 85% of clients actively chose contracting due to the ‘flexibility’ of contracting – 13% increase.

…oh, and 1% are unaware of IR35 (how is this possible?!)


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